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VENINI AW22 New Collections

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Frozen collection

For AW22, VENINI has realised some of its icons in a new, clear sandblasted finish which evokes the feeling of silk. Complimented by versions created with gold leaf woven into the molten glass by its glass masters for a truly sumptuous piece.

Sandblasted finish

Enhancing it's Icons, VENINI has realised a new sandblasted finish in 2022. Giving the feeling of luxurious silk, this gentle sandblasting is available on any of VENINI's regularly-available colour-ways for it's iconic collections including Fazzoletto, Monofiore Balloton, Deco and Opalino.

The matt effect causes the colours to take on a completely different meaning, and adds a new dimension in the form of texture.

Portable lighting


A funny and colourful innovation, this new portable lamp from VENINI is inspired by the flagship Fazzoletto collection and now realised as a light that can be moved from room to room.

Available in five fun colours - red, orange, aquamarine, amber and white - it is rechargeable and operated by pushing down the hand-blown glass shade.

Tiara Luce

Designed by Francesco Lucchese, Tiare Luce adapts to any environment. Now available as a portable innovation with rechargeable battery, there are three finish combinations to choose from:

  • Amber glass with gold metal finishing

  • Grape glass with blue metal finishing

  • Grey glass with bronze metal finishing


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