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VENINI 'Fantasmino' portable lamps

Created using the Fazzoletto technique - handmade in Murano - the Fantasmino lamps from VENINI represent a new foray into the world of portable lighting. Featuring a brushed metal base, their five colours in opalino finish are striking and curious, resulting in a fun and colourful proposition.

Operated by touch from a small plate at the top of the lamp, finished in the same brushed metal finish as the base, they can be used conveniently throughout the home thanks to a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 hours per charge.

The lamps feature a 1.5w 5v LED light fitting, and offer three levels of illumination.

Height: 18cm

Diameter: 16cm

Weight: 1kg

Charging: via supplied USB-C cable


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