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VENINI - Iceberg collection for SS24

Photo showing the VENINI Iceberg collection launched in January 2024, including Monofiori Balloton, Deco, Opalino, Veronese, Fazzoletto and Ritagli iconic designs.

Like the majestic ice formations that adorn the polar landscapes, the new 'Iceberg' collection from VENINI captures the essence of winter with elegance and sophistication. The icons of the collection are infused with a new shade to embody the fascinating variability of icebergs.

The vases, with their fluid and transparent lines, evoke the ethereal elegance of ice crystals that form in the cold Arctic waters. With cerulean tones and white hues that capture the light, the 'Iceberg' collection evokes the freshness and purity of ice.

Each creation is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, carefully crafted with attention to the smallest details. Our master glassmakers have skillfully transformed glass into unique works of art that convey the purity and essence of the winter season, enchanting with their glacial beauty.

The new Balloton Fiori vase

The Balloton collection is expanded and enriched with a version capable of accommodating larger floral compositions. The Balloton Fiori are made through a unique artisanal process that recreates the matelassé effect using glass. These blown glass ampoules with caps have the delicacy of personal belongings, with details that appear like curious florets blooming upwards.


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