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VENINI - SS22 New Colours

Discover the fascinating world of colours through the play of mixing and matching.

In the VENINI colour wheel, you can create colour combinations using Cipria Pink, Red, Ox-blood Red, Horizon, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Grey, Amber, Orange, Grape, Indigo, Apple Green and Rio Green. Soft and bright colours set in contrast with the neutral ones, Milk-White and Black.

The diverse and rich combinations offer a good fit with contemporary interior design and fashion, giving great visual verve.

The rich VENINI colour palette and its potential for mixing and matching have given rise to a strong chromatic identity, made possible by over a century of research and experimentation with historic secret formulae.

Colour is an expression covering the history of blown glass, 100 years rich in colour at VENINI combining art and design, bringing together the local craftsmanship and know-how.

At the fore of the production process, creativity is shaped by the intellectual personalities who have historically contributed to defining VENINI's iconic pieces.

Venice and its millenary history, Venice from 421 and Venini from 1921 tell the story of chromatic nuances in 121 colours.


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