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GioBagnara AW22 New Collections

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

For AW22, GioBagnara has focussed on two areas that are growing in popularity - marble and bathroom.

New collections realised in marble

Alchimia Console

Featuring pure, geometric lines, Alchimia boasts a studied interplay of solids and voids, all while combining a massive-looking travertine top with a slim oil-finished walnut wood structure. Such characteristics concur to create a strong, iconic aesthetic enhanced by the contrasts of volumes and materials. Designed by Simone Fanciullacci.

Carré desk collection

With its monolithic, purely geometric volumes, this collection for the office is characterised by graphic details born from the juxtaposition of two nuances of travertine, which creates a distinctive visual contrast with the material and porous aspect of such marble. Designed by Simone Fanciullacci and realised in classic and walnut travertino.

Giza leather & marble boxes

Featuring minimal geometric shapes, these boxes combine the beauty of travertine in several nuances of choice, with the finest Italian leather. This collection showcases the newest travertine colours launched in the GioBagnara collection.

Ravello bathroom set

Ravello is a minimal bathroom collection ideal for any setting. The rigid cylindrical main volumes are rendered softer by the smooth decorative rounded edges, while the finest Italian leather, with its velvety texture, is combined with one among three finishes of choice (polished chrome, brushed bronze and brushed brass), for a naturally elegant resulting design.

Manhattan bathroom set

The pieces belonging to this bathroom set boast a characterising inverted cone structure in polished chrome, brushed brass or brushed bronze finish, with fine leather inserts. Featuring a series of decorative protrusions and indentations, the Manhattan collection retains a typically modern architectural appeal.


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